Fluorite Octahedrons



Fluorite Octahedrons

Calcium Fluoride: CaF₂

Source: China

Fluorite Octahedrons are a member of the Halides family, it comes in cleaved crystalline form.

Fluorite Octahedrons with their associated sacred geometry principles are connected with the element of air and in turn the heart chakra. They help one push past mental blocks and open the mind to limitless possibilities and solutions.

Fluorite Octahedrons promote forgiveness, compassion, and empathy, for both oneself and others.

The shape encourages one to reflect inwards upon the self, then outwards towards others —showing how all our interactions reflect upon each other.

Fluorite Octahedrons are the most peace-giving of the Fluorites, dedicated to the devotional aspects of the mind that connect with Spirit. It purifies the mind and enhances mental acuity, stimulating the Third Eye Chakra in order to bring a logical and conscious awareness of the mental processes and how one thinks.

It is an excellent crystal for focused meditation and boosts one’s intuitive and psychic abilities.

It radiates a marvelous energy throughout the light body relieving stress, spiritual discomfort, and physical blockages.


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