Faden Quartz



Quartz: Sio2

Source: Pakistan

Faden quartz is a group of quartz crystals with a white thread-like or string-like zone running through the interior. The term Faden comes from the German word for “thread”.

Faden Quartz Crystal is metaphysically known for its energy of ”Connection”.

Faden Quartz is used for astral travels and is known for protecting one during this occurring time thru meditation.

This type of crystal is 0 known for helping one remember during their time of travel and bring back with them the experience so that one can continue to progress in the knowledge that is meant to be learned.

Faden Quartz is also known for helping to strengthen and stabilize their physical, mental and emotional condition. It is a crystal that can be used for cleansing the aura and emotional condition.

It is a quartz crystal opening the chakras, and assisting in helping find the hidden truth or the unknown.

Faden Quartz is known for assisting with connecting oneself to another on the same plane or a different dimension. It can also help with the connection of a parallel dimension in one’s reality.


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