Eudialyte (Also called Almandine Spar, Eudyalite, Eudalite, Saami Blood)

Nine member ring cyclosilicate found in nepheline syenites. Na15Ca6(Fe,Mn)3Zr3SiO(O,OH,H2O)3

Source: Kola Peninsula Russia

Eudialyte, the name derives from the  Greek Εὖ διάλυτος eu dialytos, meaning “well decomposable”.

A stone of the heart chakra, eudialyte has positive vibrations that help to bring heart-based energy into your life.

Eudialyte connects the open heart chakra to the base chakra, to ground your energy and actions in love.  The positivity of this stone helps you to discover your life path and recognize what the necessary steps are to walk that path.