Ethiopian Amber



Ethiopian Amber

Ethiopian Amber comes from  Debre Libanos, Alem Ketema, Ethiopia

Hardness: 2-3.

This Amber is the first major discovery of its kind from the African continent.

Discovered in 2010 this fossilised tree resin is about 95 million years old.

It has a green colouring under U.V. light that is unique to this Amber.

When Amber is rubbed, it produces a negative electrical charge.

(The word electricity comes from the Greek word “Elektron” meaning Amber.

Amber enhances intellect and decision-making helps you to attain your goals.

This crystal protects, calms nerves, and inspires you.

It was used in ancient times to make and break spells and bring ‘Good Luck’ to warriors.

This helps purify one’s body, mind, and spirit. Brings peace and wisdom.

Amber aids the body to heal itself and removes pain.

(Please note. We only have two pieces left after a Professor from a German Museum bought neatly all our stock!

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