Epidote Crystals in Epidote Matrix



Epidote Crystals in Epidote Rock Matrix Tumblestone

Epidote is a Calcium Aluminium Iron Sorosilicate mineral. Ca2Al2(Fe3+;Al)(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH)

This superb tumble stone has Epidote crystals included within an Epidotoidal matrix rock.

Epidote is a very valuable mineral that imparts a deeply calming and centering energy during meditation or energy work.

It has tremendous influence on our own capacity for self.

Epidote is known as The Enhancer.

They Enhance all energy, be that personal energy for oneself, or enhancing the energy of other crystals, plants, or anything at all.

It is a crystal that promotes communication with the angelic, spiritual, and Devic realms.

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