Eclogite (Ecclogite)


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Eclogite (Ecclogite)

Metamorphic Rock 

Source: Australia

Eclogite can be striking in appearance, with red to pink garnet (almandine-pyrope) in a green matrix of sodium-rich pyroxene (omphacite).

Eclogite balances yin yang, male-female, and personal partner energies, stabilizing and protecting.

Eclogite balances the energy flow throughout the body, from base to crown and can stimulate the Kundalini. Eclogite clears the heart and solar plexus chakras, helping to eliminate negative emotions of fear, guilt, anger, and blame with gentle loving energy.

It supports spiritual growth, helping to bring to conscious awareness attachments which are no longer serving.

Eclogite can aid and balance sexual dysfunction and libido. It helps treat conditions of the respiratory and digestive systems. it also assists ease of childbirth and mood swings from PMS.