Darwin Glass Impactite.



Darwin Glass Impactite Tektite.

Darwin Glass Impactite comes from Mount Darwin, Queenstown, Tasmania

Silicon Dioxide: SiO2

Darwin glass is a natural glass found south of Queenstown on the West Coast, Tasmania.

It takes its name from Mount Darwin in the West Coast Range, where it was first reported.

It later gave its name to Darwin Crater, an impact crater, and the source of the glass.

Darwin Glass was created by a meteor impact melting the local rocks with the huge amounts of heat and energy released.

Darwin Glass has been dated to about 816,000 years and the meteorite that impacted has been estimated at 20m to 50m across.

These stones have an extremely high vibration and can open and clear blockages from the chakras as well as align them.

They resonate with the crown chakra while opening it to receive the highest spiritual guidance.

Darwin Glass is more of a healing catalyst and boosting crystal, than an active healer.

Where there are issues with emotional blockage or emotional traumas that need to surface and heal, for which other crystals are needed.

Darwin Glass can make one aware of the cause and source of a condition, and then support the healing process, working with other stones

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