Danburite is Calcium Boron Silicate, CaB2(SiO4)2

Mohs: 7 — 7.5

The clarity, resilience, and strong dispersion of danburite make it a valuable crystal.

It was named after Danbury, Connecticut, United States, where it was first discovered in 1839 by Charles Upham Shephard.

One of the highest vibration minerals currently found, it “connects the heart of the mind with the mind of the heart”.

Highly spiritual and sought after for its metaphysical properties, it is a powerful Heart Chakra stone.

It relieves emotional pain and increasing acceptance of one’s self and others.

This crystal will help you to “let your light shine.

The pure love energy of this stone brings serenity and peace.

Gentle yet powerful, it also works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Danburite stimulates the Higher Crown Chakras and aids in communication with Angels and Guides.

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