Cotham Marble (Landscape Marble)



Cotham Marble (Landscape Marble)

Rhaetian (uppermost Triassic) Stromatolitic Limestone

Mohs: 6.5-7 n

Named after Cotham House in Cotham, Bristol, Cotham Marble are colonies of fossilized algae (Strombolite)in Limestone, and are about 220 million years old.

Strombolite stimulates the crown chakra opening consciousness to the higher dimensions. It is said to open one to the feelings and emotions of others, bringing about natural empathy to aid in one’s social abilities.

The energy of Strombolite is joyful and uplifting it can be very beneficial to help with emotions of grief and depression.

Strombolite allows one to view a difficult situation with optimism and an overview which brings with it a much lighter and more constructive Iteration.


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