Conglomerate Jasper.  (Pudding stone) 


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Pudding stone (Conglomerate Jasper) is a common sedimentary rock which is mixed Jasper and Quartz.

The stone was named by English settlers in the South Dakota area, about 1840, because it looked like their boiled suet pudding with cherries and currants.

Pudding stone is a name given to any sedimentary rock known as a “conglomerate” that is colourful. A conglomerate is composed of water-worn stones cemented together by finer mineral pebbles or river gravel that have been it deposit. This finer mineral deposit fills in the spaces between the pebbles and forms solid rock.

This particular pudding stone was formed from pebbles of jasper cemented together with quartz.

Pudding stone prevents tissue deterioration of internal organs and muscles, strengthens the immune system and promotes body balance and smoothens any pain or disorder.


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