Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone


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Quartz Tumbled Stone

Silicon dioxide, Si02.

Mohs:  7

Chakra: Crown.

Source: Brazil, India, Portugal, Egypt, U.S.A., China, Worldwide

It can act as an amplifier or substitute for any other crystal in healing; can be used for pain relief and to remove a problem (move it anti-clockwise) and to restore health (move it clockwise).

Even the smallest quartz carries the properties of a master healer teacher because in its sparkling white light it contains the entire colour spectrum. If you have only one healing crystal it should be clear quartz.

Hold a Clear Quartz to natural light every day and state the new beginning you will have; transmits prayers.

Clear Quartz is believed to heal and energize the body and anywhere it is directed for contact and absent healing help with diabetes, exhaustion, memory, metabolism, weight loss,