Citron Chrysoprase



Citron Chrysoprase (Lemon Chrysoprase)

Citron Chrysoprase is Nickeloan Magnesite: (Mg, Ni)CO3

Mohs: 3.5-4

Source: Australia.

This stone is a translucent bright Lemon Yellow/Green Chalcedony.

Sometimes called Lemon Chrysoprase, Nickel causes its colouration.

This stone stimulates thinking out of the box’ and can facilitate visions and a deeply peaceful state.

It helps harmonise relationships, stimulating self-love and passion.

It assists in uncovering deceitful unconscious thought.

Lemon Chrysoprase calms aggressive cramping pains and has been used to treat PMS.

Used to balance body temperature and lessen fever or chills and help relieve stress and soothe emotions.

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