Cinnabar (Cinnabite)


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Cinnabar (Cinnabite)

Quartz with Mercury Sulphide inclusions: SiO2 (HgS)

Source: Peru

Mohs: 2.5-3

Cinnabar is known as the Merchant Stone.

Cinnabar helps to attract abundance.

Cinnabar stimulates dignity, vitality, and power. It can be very beneficial in the world of business and finance.

Placing Cinnabar in one’s cash box can produce an increase in income to the holder and can also help maintain the acquisition of wealth

Cinnabar aids in community work, helping to remember that “to give is Divine”. Cinnabar connects one with the source of all being. Physically, Cinnabar can assist in treating sexual dysfunction and infertility, it is used to support the treatment of blood disorders and in the treating of fungal and viral infections.

Caution: Contains Mercury which can be poisonous/toxic! Wash hands after holding. Do not touch hands to eyes or mouth while holding. Do not use in an elixir