Chrysotile in Serpentine


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Kaolinite-Serpentine: Mg3(Si2O5)(OH)4

Mohs: 2.5-3

Chrysotile also known as Chrysotite crystallizes in the form of flexible separating delicate fibres and the colours include green-white, olive-green, green, green-black, yellow, brown, brown-yellow, brown-red and white.

It instills honesty and sincerity and the energy of Chrysotile assist one in finding the “true self” by clearing out the baggage.

It can help assist one to release control over others while in control with one’s life.

This crystal can be used in telepathic endeavors’ both sending and receiving messages, and it can be used to bring a bonding action between one and the object of one’s desires.

When the need is fulfilled, one can easily release the object of desire.

Chrysotile is white Asbestos and should be handled with care, do not use in elixirs, if stone breaks do not breath in the dust as it is poisonous!


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