A variety of Apple Green Chalcedony: Silicon dioxide. SiO2

Hardness 7.

Sources: Poland, Australia, Tanzania, USA, and Brazil.

The name Chrysoprase comes from the Greek χρυσός (chrysos) meaning ‘gold’ and πράσινον (prasinon), meaning ‘green’.

Chrysoprase has been used as a decorative stone since ancient times. A favourite of Frederick the Great of Prussia, Chrysoprase can be seen decorating many buildings in Prague, including the Chapel of St Wenceslas.

Chrysoprase is believed to be a calming gemstone, which has healing properties that can keep your mind and psyche in a calm and conscious state. It symbolizes happiness and success and is believed to be one of the most powerful stones which brings prosperity and good fortune.

It strengthens the inner consciousness and brings joy, hope, and courage in life. Chrysoprase is associated with the heart chakra, which activates the energy centre and brings higher universal energy to the bearer

Chrysoprase is said to encourage a positive and non-judgmental attitude towards others. It helps control anger and usage of harsh language. It also reduces the feeling of superiority and inferiority from the mind of the person and helps to recognize his inner beauty. It enhances the creativity and clarity of thoughts, which brings success and fidelity in one’s life.


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