Chrysanthemum Stone


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Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stone gets its name due to its unique flower patterns occurring in the stone resembling chrysanthemums.

Each stone is a mixture of Feldspar, Andalusite, Celestite or Calcite for the white spots and then Clay Gypsum, Limestone or Dolomite for the black ones.

Said to awaken one’s true purpose in life, providing a love of life, joy of being and a positive role, creating and providing abundance. Mediation on the pattern can allow a metaphysical opening of channels in new and diverse directions promoting growth.

In addition, the stones patterns can also be used to overcome fears of growth. Chrysanthemum stone can be used to center and ground an individual that may experience far too many traumatic events.

Source: This stone was first discovered in Japan, but has also been found in China, Canada, and the USA.