Chrome Diopside (Diopside)



Chrome Diopside: (Ca,Na,Mg,Fe,Cr)2(Si,Al)2O6)

Mohs: 5.5 – 6.5

Source: Canada, South Africa, Russia, Brazil And USA.

Chrome Diopside includes Chromium, giving it a rich green color.

Chrome Diopside is believed to of fallen from the tree of life. Green Chrome Diopside was associated with peace and tranquility and put on the forehead before rest, to ensure sweet dreams. It is believed to protect from all evil and bad memories.

The name ‘diopside’ was derived from the Greek words ‘di’ and ‘opsis’, meaning ‘two’ and ‘vision’. Due to its name, Diopside was used as a visualization stone, which increases creative vision, as well as awareness. Diopside helps to improve intellect, most particularly mathematical, analytical and statistical ability.

In addition, Chrome Diopside can alleviate aggression and stubbornness, while enhancing the emotions of love and commitment. Physically, Chrome Diopside is believed to aid with the healing of a few chronic diseases and disorders, including heart, lung, and circulatory system problems. Chrome Diopside is a stone for Pisces and although it is not an official birthstone for any month, it is still associated with the month of March as an astral gemstone.