Chalcopyrite is Copper Iron Sulfide: CuFeS2

Mohs: 3.5-4

Source: Canada, Australia, USA, Mexico, Peru

Chalcopyrite has been the world’s most important ore of copper for at least five thousand years.

It is a  “stone of the mystics”.

This stone enhances decisiveness, perception, and self-esteem.

It provides a positive outlook and helps you to feel good about yourself.

This stone assists in finding lost objects. It inspires universal energies to aid the body to obtain physical perfection.

It aids contact with past worlds to gain insight and information.

Chalcopyrite is suitable for meditation and removing energy blockages.

It helps to repair and prevent damage to genes and cells.

Useful for reducing inflammation, bronchitis, brain, lungs, tumours, fever, anaemia and promotes hair growth.

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