Brandberg Quartz Geode and Prehnite Ball

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Brandberg Quartz Geode and Prehnite Ball

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Source: Goboboseb Mountains, Brandberg Area, Dâures, Erongo Region, Namibia

Brandberg Quartz-Silicon Dioxide: Si02

Prehnite-Calcium Aluminium silicate: Ca₂Al₂Si₃O₁₂

Size: 7cm x 5.5cm x 4cm. Weight: 143gm

Brandberg Quartz’s energy is joyful, playful, friendly, and uplifting, it can be used to combat depression and Seasonal Affected Disorder. (S.A.D.)

People often smile as soon as they touch it. Its playfulness attracts nature spirits, and so helps to connect and work with this energy.

Brandberg Quartz can help clear and heal deep issues from the past, as well as from past lives.

Prehnite promotes unconditional love and stimulates spiritual growth. It is a wonderful stone for bringing peace, joy, and harmony into one’s life. It inspires and encourages acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

Prehnite. provides a protective energy field. It enhances prophecy, predictions, and meditation. Promotes clarity of mind and heart.


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