Bowenite Jade


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Bowenite Jade

Bowenite Jade is Antigorite: (Mg3(OH)O4Si2O5)

Mohs: 2.5-4

Source: New Zealand, USA, China, South Africa

Bowenite is also known as the New Jade.

It’s also called Tangiwaite or Maori Greenstone.

It is a semi-precious gemstone that has been used for tools, weapons, and Jewellery by the Māori in New Zealand.

This stone is a powerful stone of protection as it forms almost a shield against harmful or destructive energies coming to the wearer or carrier.

It is known for being a dream stone, enhancing the ability to recall dreams, and release suppressed emotions through dream activity.

This stone can help one succeed in all pursuits; it can help make a clean break from past experiences and traumas.

It is a stone of Friendship, Love and Thankfulness.

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