Raw Bornite (Peacock Ore)



Raw Bornite (Peacock Ore)

Raw Bornite is Copper Iron Sulfide: Cu5FeS4

Source: USA

Mohs: 3-3.25

Bornite is also known as Peacock Ore is an ore mineral of copper, and is known for its iridescent tarnish.

Peacock Ore, especially in its colourful tarnished state, is child-like, innocent and playful.

It reminds us of the joy of life, making it a good stone to have around in times of stress and overwork.

Peacock Ore is also good for those who have chosen a life of service, while sometimes forgetting life can be light and full of laughter too.

It can lift the spirits in times of grief and sadness, and increases energy levels (life force, Chi), giving us the will to carry on and enjoy what we are doing in our lives.

Peacock Ore balances and clears the chakras.

Its high copper content means it can help strengthen and support the body’s, organs and general metabolic function.

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