Beta Quartz



Beta Quartz Crystal

Silicon Dioxide: SiO2

Source: Ciemas Kampung, Indonesia

β-Quartz (Beta Quartz) or High Quartz is a high-temperature polymorph of silica with a crystal structure very similar to that of Quartz. At normal pressures, Quartz undergoes a structural transition to β-Quartz at 573°C.

Beta Quartz crystals are usually stubby, bi-pyramidal, and dull.

Beta Quartz Crystal is a wonderful crystal tool used for both dowsing and divining.

Beta Quartz Crystal provides clear directional information and responding to “all” questions.

Beta Quartz Crystal has been used in decoding/encoding of patterns from dreams and visions. Beta Quartz Crystal opens up one to access the energies of the mental plane assisting in creating a clear channel of communication from both the higher-self and the inner self.

Beta Quartz Crystal tends to resonate with the energies of intuition and “knowing.” Beta Quartz Crystal is a wonderful crystal manifestation tool as it facilitates a limitless range of avenues for exploration.


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