Bay of Stoer Suevite



Bay of Stoer Suevite.

Bay of Stoer Suevite is a Polymict Impact Breccia with clastic matrix and mineral clasts in various stages of shock metamorphism.

Suevite is a rock with Tektite Inclusions (Impact melt particles which are in a glassy or in a crystallized state) which was generated during larger meteorite impacts on Earth.

1.2 billion years ago a Meteorite hit Scotland in the vicinity of Stoer Bay (North-West Scotland), leaving behind this red coloured rock (Melted Sandstone) with Tektite held within it.

This stone is a stone of transformation and helps us to change for the better different aspects of our life to make the future brighter in all areas.

It helps us accept these changes and aids us on our journey forward, keeping the process smooth, and keeping us protected and comforted at the same time.

It gives us the strength and knowledge that our path forward is for the greatest good and aids us in welcoming into our lives unfamiliar and/or new people and situations.

A wonderful healing tool that amplifies the healing and teaching process.

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