Bamboo Leaf Jasper (Bamboo Jasper)


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Bamboo Leaf Jasper (Bamboo Jasper)

 A conglomerate of sandstone structures in a silica matrix

Bamboo Leaf Jasper is multi-colored with markings ranging in earth tones from pinks to browns, reds, creams and dark gray or black.

The swirling patterns evoke a deep sense of peace and grounding, working through the heart into the root chakra and then connecting with the earth.

Bamboo Jasper instills a peaceful comprehension of one’s own internal stability allowing acceptance of what is.

It dissolves fear of chaos, enhances personal growth, supports change, assists in overcoming addictions and helps one know when to resist the temptation to overdo, especially in career.

Use Bamboo Leaf Jasper for the inner will to overcome addiction and compulsive / emotion or behavior.