Azurite Nodules



AAA Rare Azurite Nodules (Blueberry Azurite)

These Azurite Nodules are Copper Carbonate Hydroxide: Cu32+(CO3)2(OH)2

Source: Namibia, Africa.

Mohs: 3.5 – 4

Azurite gets its name from the Persian word for blue, “lazhward”.

The ancient Egyptians mined it on the Sinai Peninsula and smelted it to produce copper.

Today, Azurite deposits on their own are usually not large enough to be worth opening a copper mine.

Where other copper ores are mined, Azurite might be removed if it is of adequate grade and easy to mine.

Azurite calms reduces stress and fears, brings understanding.

It enhances awareness, creativity, and self-confidence.

This stone helps removes indecision and worries.

It aids meditation channeling and relaxation.

Helps to awaken psychic abilities. Removes energy blockages.

Good for circulation, brain, throat, bones, spine, arthritis, joints, liver, skin, and removing of ‘toxins.

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