Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey

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Australian Wildflower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey

Australian Wildflower Reading Cards consist of 44 cards and a guidebook that provides guidance through native Australian Wildflower imagery and oracle teachings.

The artwork is uniquely created by Cheralyn Darcey on linocut with traditional gouache paints.

The guidebook features unique flower spreads for readings and special card of the day instructions that will delight those that love beautiful oracle tools and traditional artwork.

In every card, on every page, in every word, in every picture the Australian wildflowers will speak to your soul to soul.

This card set is alive and its messages are clear, healing, joyful, and honest. Wherever you are in this world, the medicine of the Australian wildflowers, their messages, and songs, and profound healing powers are now in your hands.

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