Aura Quartz


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Mixed Aura Quartz Tumbled

Silicon Dioxide SiO2

Chakra All

Aura quartz is produced by heating clear quartz and coating it with precious metal (Gold, Titanium, Silver e.c.t.)

Enhanced by precious metals, Aura Quartzes become very high-vibrational stones that are master-healers for any condition.

They carry a high level of Lifeforce, cleansing and enhancing the organs, stimulating the immune and energy systems, and bringing the body into balance.

Aura Quartzes are highly protective during spiritual journeying and can be ineffective aid for conscious channeling and all types of inter-dimensional. communications.

They are considered especially beneficial the thymus, pineal’ and thyroid glands, oxygenating the blood, and for treatments of the liver, pancreas, and spleen


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