Ashburton Agate



Ashburton Agate.

Ashburton Agate is a form of Silicon Dioxide: SiO2.

Source: Wyloo Station, Ashburton Shire, Western Australia.

It is known as the “Strength Stone and instills this quality both mentally and physically.

This stone helps to eliminate anger and promote inner peace.

It enables us to feel more loving and to become more open to positive relationships.

It is also said to encourage fidelity in marriage.

This stone is a grounding and balancing stone and one that helps us become more perceptive, logical, and rational. It brings to us a sense of reality.

Ashburton Agate helps us to develop a sense of spiritual maturity. It is said to help with conjunctivitis, gastric and stomach ulcers, bladder, and intestinal inflammation, and diseases of the uterus.

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