What is a Pendulum?  

Simply put, a Pendulum is a weighted object suspended on a cord. There are no specific rules as to which type is best, it is simply a case of what works best for you.

Different Types of Pendulums

There are many types of pendulums to choose from, including metal, wood, and crystal. They can be found in different shapes, sizes, weights, hollow or solid. Certain types are said to be for certain purposes, but remember that what works one way for you could work the opposite way for someone else. Lighter pendulums are more sensitive, so beginners may prefer a medium to heavy pendulum (i.e. metal). Hollow pendulums are generally preferred for diagnosis, healing and absent healing as a sample can be enclosed inside the pendulum to enhance the connection. For map dowsing, a pendulum with a more defined point can achieve better results.

How does it work?  

The basic function of the pendulum is to tap into an individual’s unconscious mind or that of the ‘collective unconscious. So you can bring to the fore information that is already `known’ either on some level by yourself or the collective unconscious. The pendulum is not generally used for future predictions as these are not yet ‘known’, but feel free to try. There are two main theories on how the pendulum works – one contends that a minute unconscious twitch sends the pendulum in motion i.e. energy follows thought within the limiting constraint of belief. The majority of more experienced dowsers prefer the view that everything in existence has subtle energy fields including us humans. When we focus our intent using a pendulum, the subtle energy fields increase enough to move the pendulum and indicate an answer/response.

Getting Started

Hold your pendulum cord ( or chain)  between thumb and forefinger with about 6-10 cm between your hand and the pendulum weight. If you feel drawn to do it differently, do so. Now try to make the pendulum swing in a clockwise motion by using concentration and will alone. No twitches, no blowing etc. Then try the anti-clockwise motion in the same way. This may take a while so persevere. When competent, it’s time to program your subconscious mind – don’t worry it’s easy. Firstly, while making the pendulum spin smoothly clockwise by will/concentration alone, say aloud ‘This movement means YES’. Then spin the pendulum anti-clockwise and affirm “This movement means NO’. It is important to repeat programming at least once a day for a week to embed the suggestions into the subconscious.

A pendulum is the most portable and valuable of psychic tools. Indeed, pendulums can help us to tune into what has not yet happened by allowing us to sense and see or hear knowledge not yet accessible to the logical mind, and by amplifying our innate but often unrecognized gift to see what is just over the horizon.

But the pendulum has many practical uses, in the everyday world to alert you to the unconscious signals that your inner radar has picked up.

 Use your pendulum to trace an electrical fault, a blockage in a pipe from above ground, the presence of a ghost, the right direction back to the car if you are lost on a walk, or by holding the pendulum over a map to discover the best location for a holiday or a new home or where a lost pet might be.

Tips and Uses

Only ask questions that have a potential Yes or No answer, and phrase questions thoughtfully. If you ask a specific and detailed question, you can receive a more specific answer. Asking questions is an art to be developed. Meditate for a few moments before asking a question – intuition and focus are the name of the game. Use your pendulum for advice, healing, and diagnosis, finding objects or people or locations by dowsing over a map. Good Luck!

Physical benefits

The pendulum is itself seen as an all-purpose healing tool. Pass a clear quartz pendulum over the front of your body (front and back for other people) slowly head to foot in spirals: moving it first anti-clockwise is said to remove stress and energy blockages and then clockwise is thought to energize and harmonize the whole body. It is believed that if you can hold it near a painful spot to remove pain.

Practical Uses

 If you have lost something, go to where you last had it and start walking. The pendulum will swing clockwise if you are on track and continue to swing faster the closer it gets to the missing item. If it swings anticlockwise you are on track,

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