Aragonite Sputniks



Aragonite Sputniks

Calcium Carbonate: CACO3 (Its crystals are orthorhombic, twinning produces pseudo-hexagonal crystals.)

Mohs: 4.

Source: Morocco, Spain.

Aragonite is named after the location where it was first found, Molina de Aragón is located in the historic region of Castile in Spain.

Aragonite sputniks, also known as twinned aragonite crystals, They are roughly 1 cm in size, and have an orange colouration and numerous radiating crystals similar to the Russian space satellite, ‘Sputnik’.

Aragonite helps to reduce stress and anger. It enhances patience, sensitivity, and generosity.

It provides intellectual awareness and the ability to give and receive.

Aragonite helps you to be more disciplined, reliable and practical. Aids meditation and combats colds.

Good for the nervous system, skin, heart, and brain. Used to treat vitamin A and D deficiency.


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