Angel Whispers Affirmation Cards by Debbie Malone

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Angel Whispers Affirmation Cards by Debbie Malone

Angel Whispers are a beautifully boxed set of 40 affirmation cards that were inspired and channeled from Debbie s Angels.

Pick a message each morning before you start your day to see what guidance or encouragement your angels wish to share with you.

Remember your angels love to guide and help you. You are never alone!

40mini-cards and booklet

Author, Debbie Malone was the highest-ranked Female Medium on Channel 7 in 2011.

Her gift has enabled her to see beyond the here and now.

She draws strength from using the world of spirit to help both others and herself.

About the Author

Debbie Malone is an acclaimed spirit medium who was crowned  Australian Psychic of the Year.
She is a psychic and clairvoyant as well as a medium, enable her to receive visions from both the living and the dead.
She also has visions from the past, present, and future, and conveys messages to bereaved families from their departed loved ones.

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