Ancestralite Ring



Ancestralite Ring

This Ancestralite Ring is a Pseudomorph of Martite (Form of Hematite): Fe2O3

Source: Temagami, Ontario, Northeast Canada

This Ancestralite Ring is a form of Hematite that is 2.7 billion years old.

Ancestralite has the dual ability to be able to clear energy and ground it at the same time.

The banded iron layers were formed in seawater as the result of oxygen released by photosynthetic cyanobacteria (fossil algae colonies) before other life was able to exist so taking you back before creation began.

It connects, cleanses & Energises the base chakra.

A mineral that clears the ancestral line of trauma, dramas. ingrained emotions passed down the family line for generations while at the same time preserving all the wisdom, soul learning and spiritual insights learned to incorporate them into the present and future generations to come.

A stone that can be used for scrying to access and read the Akashic records, it carries the energy of connecting spiritually to the physical for communicating with spirits and ancestors.

It is also a protective and grounding stone.



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