Hydrated Sodium Potassium Copper Aluminium Silicate Hydroxide: (Na,K)Cu7AlSi9O24(OH)6·3H2O

Source: Zimbabwe.

Ajoite is named after the New Cornelia Mine in the Ajo District of Arizona where it was first found.

Ajoite is a very rare and beautiful mineral that is usually found in association with other rare secondary copper minerals such as Papagoite and Shattuckite.

“Ajoite in Quartz emanates one of the sweetest, most nurturing and loving energies of any stone in the mineral kingdom. It is a pure bearer of the vibrations of the Earth Mother or Soul of the World”.

Source: Robert Simmons, Heaven and Earth LLC*.

*These Crystals come with a guarantee and definition from Robert Simmons and Heaven and Earth LLC


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