Agni Manitite



Agni Manitite (Pearl of Fire)

Agni Manitite is also known as Pearl of Fire is the name given to a newly discovered Tektite found on Java in the Indonesian archipelago.

These tektites were formed when a meteorite crash-landed over the Indonesian archipelago.

What makes this so rare, is that most of the pieces of this Tektite are now underwater, resulting in this tektite being incredibly hard to find.

The name derives from the ancient Sanskrit term “Agni Mani”, which means “Pearl of the Divine Fire”.

It is a stone of initiation.

This Pearl of Fire is another High Energy Tektite like Moldavite.

This tektite specializes in raising your creative, manifestation, and adventurous energy levels to new heights.

If you are looking for spiritual awakening and transformation of the self, it can aid the inner processes that need to occur.

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