1 x 10 ml bottle of Lemongrass Oil Essential Oil


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Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Aroma Lemongrass essential oil has a sweet, strong and lemony aroma, with a subtle hay-like and earthy undertone. The plant Lemongrass is a fresh grass with red stems. It grows to approximately 3 feet in height. The extraction The oil is exacted by steam distillation from the fresh leaves that have been partially dried and finely chopped. Affects  Lemongrass essential is a revitalising essential oil that lifts the body and spirit so it is useful for re-energising, reviving and stimulating. It can be used to refresh and tone tired muscles and lose skin. The deodorising action of lemongrass is also useful for keeping away insects, pests and fleas. History Lemongrass oil is one of the favoured oils in India, where it is known as ‘choomana poolu’, referring to the plants red grass stems. Other names include ‘Indian Melissa’ or ‘Indian Verbena’. Now the West Indies are the main exporter of lemongrass essential oil. Chemical constituents Farnesol, Geranoil, Nerol (Alcohols), Citral, Citronellal (Aldehydes), Limonene, Myrcene (Terpenes). Blending Lemongrass essential oil blends well with bergamot, cedarwood, lavender, rosemary geranium and other citrus oils.

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