The Zentist

Clairvoyant readings


Available every Monday with Maggie Carrington & monthly with Annie Conby & Trevor Bright.

Spirit or Clairvoyant Readings are a way for a Medium to use Spirit Communication and bring forward the Spirits who take an interest in your life. You can see demonstrations of this type of communication at Spiritualist Churches or during Evenings of Clairvoyance. The only difference in what happens is that your Reading will be held in private.

Please note that when contacting Spirit there can be no guarantee of who will come forward to work with a Medium. Spirit Communication is experimental – the Medium makes themself open to the Spirit World and has no say over who will be waiting to speak to you.

Quite a few people think that a Reading will be like having someone tell your fortune or your future. That is not possible! A mediums job is to give you evidence that life continues beyond death. By doing that they can also pass on messages from the people who cared for you when they were alive. Some of these messages will be about what they feel will be important for you over the coming months. Spirit acknowledge we always have free will to make the choices in our life that are right for us so they will not tell us what to do. They will not pass on anything to worry or upset you but they do want you to know that they still care and want to be of assistance to you.