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The Journey

The JOURNEY is an approach to physical and emotional healing which is both powerful and gentle, leading to greater inner freedom, abundance of life and freedom to realize your highest potential. 


In 1992, Brandon Bays was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a basketball; remarkably, she was healed within six weeks. From this experience she pioneered a unique process, The Journey, which enables people to experience profound emotional and cellular healing. 

In 1999, Brandon began to train Journey Practitioners who would then be able to carry this healing work further afield. Martin Nathanael was a part of this first group, receiving accreditation from Brandon in December 1999. 

What happens during the Journey?


Stored inside our bodies are physical and emotional blocks resulting from un-resourceful patterns of thought and behaviour. These are linked to unresolved painful memories. 

Through a journey of discovery inside the body, you allow the same inner wisdom that makes your cells replicate and your heart beat to guide you to uncover these blocks and finally release them. Healing can then take place quite naturally at all levels. 

You are a participant

in your own healing journey!


You do not need to have a physical illness in order to undertake The Journey. We all have such blocks inside us and it is possible to release them before they create dis-ease. 

A journey consultation can last up to three hours. During that time you are guided in a safe and gentle way to uncover your core issue, reveal the underlying cause, and release yourself from it. 

A full Journey session combines & integrates a number of processes, ancient and modern, spiritual and psycho-logical. It is for those committed to facing and clearing the deepest issues behind their emotional or physical dis-ease and who seek for a greater wholeness & clarity of purpose.