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Since the earliest stages of our existence, humankind has gazed upwards to the sky and observed the relationship between the movements of heavenly bodies and life here on earth. The Sun’s life-giving force, the Moon’s influence over our tides and the natural world, and the influences the other planets exerted over events were observed and plotted over many millennia. In more recent centuries, astrology and religion operated in tandem. Many influential historical figures were linked to and influenced very strongly by astrology. Twentieth Century psychologist and ‘healer of the psyche’ C. G. Jung said ‘ Astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity’. It seems that much ancient knowledge of all kinds has been there always, and modern science may be just ‘catching up’ in many ways as it comes round to ‘proving’ scientifically many things which have been known at earlier times in our evolution, or by non-Western cultures, for a very long time.

You have a birthchart, from your given date, time and place of birth, which is unique to you. Even twins born a few minutes apart can have significant differences in their charts. This is like a photograph of the position of the planets in relation to Earth at the exact moment you drew breath. The imprint of these planetary positions gives you the blueprint of your character, the potential you carry throughout your lifetime, with the free will you have to make choices. Studying these influences helps us to understand our true nature and needs at a deeper level, and can be revealing and illuminating in all sorts of ways. The subsequent movement of planets in the sky as you move through life, and the way they connect to your natal chart, (progressions and transits), gives you the forecast of future trends which can help you to make better decisions, and live a life more in tune with who you really are.