The Zentist

Nan Wilson

Metatronic Healing® Therapist

What is it?

Metatronic Healing® is the registered name of a powerful, new, high vibrational energy system. It comes from Archangel Metatron & it balances & clears energies & can bring about change on a deep cellular level. The powerful energies comprise of vibrations of colour which can be used seperately or in combination. They can be used for many problems, including stress & anxiety, headaches & fatigue. They can also be used to balance & energise the body.

Metatron's Message.

Archangel Metatron's message is that he can remove the story from the body energetically.

The stories of our lives are made up of the events & circumstances that have happened to us. We all have many stories, both big & small & they give us our identity - who we think we are. The body is made of dense energy which allows the emotions of the events to become stuck & cause problems to our health & wellbeing.

What is your story?

What are your stories? When we find ourselves in a painful situation, it is all too easy to avoid feeling the emotion & this is what can become stuck in the cells of our body. Here they may cause discomfort & even physical pain. Before the story can be lifted from the body, the lesson within it must be learned. We must be ready to let go...

About me.

I am qualified to Intermediate Level in Metartonic Healing® & am a qualified Counsellor. I also hold a certificate in EFT.


Treatment Prices:

£35 for 1 hour

The first treatment will include an assessment.


Contact: The Zentist: 01904 622706

Nan: 07923054472 E-mail:

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