The Zentist

Martin Nathanael


Martin developed his skills as a Journey Therapist under the guidance of Brandon Bays who pioneered this unique approach to inner healing. 

Since 1999, he has supported hundreds of men and women through this beautiful and profound healing journey.

For many years he has also been teaching meditation to individuals and groups, leading courses on various aspects of inner transformation and conducting ceremonies based on an understanding of the core values and spirituality of the world’s various religious and mystical traditions. 

Martin recently moved to York, where he soon received requests for counseling, talks and workshops. He runs a spiritual study group in the town centre which is open to those who wish to awaken to deeper levels of their being. Contact Martin if interested (see the contact details below).

A full Journey session combines & integrates a number of processes, ancient and modern, spiritual and psychological. It is for those committed to facing and clearing the deepest issues behind their emotional or physical dis-ease and who seek for a greater wholeness & clarity of purpose. 


Treatment Prices:

Journey session: £80.00. Follow-up telephone counselling included.

Please allow at least 3 hours for your Journey.

Contact: The Zentist: 01904 622706
Martin: 01904 691201 E-mail:


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