The Zentist

Maggie Carrington

Medium/Intuitive Psychic

Maggie is a 5th generation Medium, with all her family's natural mediumistic gifts having been carried through the female line. She is the last of that line & proud to be so.

Maggie has practised publically & privately for 40 years, both at home & abroad. 

She has also appeared in the Psychic Press, who reported on the standard & strength of her Mediumship... "her work is known for it's humour, honesty and integrity."

Maggie can offer the following readings:

SPIRITUAL - Through the gift of mediumship

AURIC - Involving personal clours

RIBBON - Using chosen colours

CARDS - Using Flower, Fairy or Angel cards

INTUITIVE PSYCHIC - Using personal objects, photos or flowers


Treatment Prices:

£30 for approximately 30 minutes

Taster readings are available at £10 for 15 minutes


Contact: The Zentist: 01904 622706

Maggie: 07748262646 or 01944 768134 


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