The Zentist

Annie Conboy

Intuitive Medium & Psychic, MA (couns), MSWG

Medium & Psychic, Thereputic Counsellor, Mum. I serve wherever Spirit sends me.

My business has been set up to help further the aims of my mediumship: to raise awareness that there is psychic and mediumship ability in every person; that we can choose to access, for ourselves, proof that life continues after physical death; that we can choose to access, for ourselves, guidance & support from those who have left this physical world; to teach the ways in which we can open to the other realms; and, to promote spiritual & personal growth by developing to our fullest potential in this present life. 

So that you can be clear that the contact is from the Spirit World I prefer not to know anything about you before you come for a Reading. Usually all I know is your name! The Spirits who bring their messages tell me what they wish me to pass on – and only that. They will respect your privacy as they would have done in life. I don’t need to know details to communicate what they would like you to know about the situations affecting your life. Also, working in this way, Mediums very rarely remember what has been discussed in a message. If you have any concerns about confidentiality please let me know.

You can help your Reading go well. Keep an open mind and send your thoughts out to all who know you in the Spirit World (and some of these may be people you only knew briefly or family members who actually passed before you were born!). Ask them to come to speak to you. Be honest if you can’t understand anything I say or describe. Spirit are only too happy to give more details.

Finally, it may seem strange that during the Reading it helps me if you only tell me “Yes”, “No”, “Don’t Know” or “Maybe”. Since Spirit want to do the talking you need to leave knowing that I have not given you back information you have just given to me. Afterwards I will be only too happy to discuss any confirmation of what I’ve said on

All readings are recorded and copied to a CD which I will post out to you.


Treatment Prices:

Spirit, Aura, Past Life & Card Readings are available.

30 minute reading - £30.00

Private evenings of mediumship can also be booked, please see my website for details.




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